Sunday, August 26, 2007


We moved a butt load today to the new trailer. Granny's liking it a lot. It's so big, it's the biggest home I've ever actually lived in. And so new. I mean, there's some minor things like holes in the walls, but we can cover them with pictures and scrolls and stuff, nothing too bad. It's in really good shape. I'm studying like a madman for the test tomorrow. OH GAD. I just noticed how much people like to pick on me. xD It's funny. I'm getting my hair did this Wednesday or this weekend. EXCITED. And I'm making Gumbo. I want all my friends to see my new home once we get into it and have everything INSIDE.

YAY! <3


ishida said...

*queue anime clip of Leslie beating us with a stick trying to cram us through the door all at once*

~ La Panda Spook said...

You know it would happen eventually... -_-