Monday, June 4, 2007

Mignon, right? Cute, right? No? Not cute? Well, I thought it was... I wonder if he can walk. Poor thing. Oughtta put him on Subway. Well, my day is good. I found some old clothes that can still fit me, something to cheer about, right? Hmm! Yes, indeed! That's cute, too. Little squishy bird. Awwwwies! ;o;

Right... Indeed! Have a great day! Gee, I'm just pouring pictures into this post. I guess I have too much free time.! SCARY SCARY!


velvey6 said...


Isn't it fun to look through your old clothes and realize that you've lost weight? That's awesome! Great job! <3

~ La Panda Spook said...


Thank you! Yeah, I was thrilled, running through the house squeeing... Yeah. <3