Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tu as grossi. D<


That is a cute cat I saw. I made him speak French. <3

It says, "You've gained some weight. Haven't the police found you yet?" Heehee! Well, not much to rant about today. Did some homework for Summer reading. Went to the post office. Had a good laugh with my grandma and talked to my friend Misty on the phone. She's coming over Wednesday.


I do have something to rant about. My friend having to go Summer school! All because of a biased English teacher. A student who works hard and tries hard gets Summer school while another student who pays no attention, goofs off, and lack completely gets an 86 in the class. Tell me, is that fair? Now, I know the world we live in is not fair and that it Dog Eat Dog, but that is ridiculous! Why should a teacher be biased like that?!

I know teachers have favorites! I mean, it's hard not to have favorites, the sparkling students who remind you of yourself in your days of youth, shining. But why should you punish students you dislike by taking the power you have over their grade and abuse it?! That is abusing your power as a teacher, is it not?

Well, I'm sorry, I do not suck up to teachers nor do I kiss butt, but I do work hard, and shouldn't that be all that's asked? I made a good grade in that class, but that's probably because she liked me! It still makes me mad at the injustice.

And, I'm sorry, friend, about you having to go to Summer school!

So there. That's that. d612305aee4f8421fd658e402781c9a1.gif


Adam said...

Yeah. It sucks that Cody got summer school. I was a victm of that teacher also. I was lucky enough to transfer to a different teacher, and barely managed to stay out of summer school after what that teacher did.

She VOIDED (made into 0's) all the work I turned in on a book the entire class read. I know I did the work, but she voided it so I had an F (62, I think) when I got my first report from the teacher I transfered to.

Hope you have a good summer Panda!

~ La Panda Spook said...

Hey! Adam! Yay! Gosh... To think I used to adore that woman. She really is biased though! Do you have a blog, too, Adam? So I can comment all over it? xD

Well! You have a good summer too! I hope we can hang out some time. Maybe go see a movie or something. See ya!

Adam said...

Yeah, I have an LJ account. Emma has a link to it on her blog.

I hope that movie comes out that we wnat to see ^^; There seems to be a lack of those this year for me.

velvey6 said...

Pfft. I love Mrs. Carico, but jeez. Everyone seemed to have had a problem with that. My sincere apologies to Cody. *plays trumpet*

velvey6 said...

Oh, oh! I forgot to add: sleep with the teacher if it's that bad. That's how I solve all of my problems! ^^

~ La Panda Spook said...

I concur, Billy did, and look how high up the ladder he is now?

So I support teachers sleeping with students! HA! <3