Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh boy! My first rant!

I got a bloooooog! Now I can blog! I just used blog as a verb! Yay! Well, as an introductory to my blog, I will say this, to whomever reads this, I love to rant. It is probably the only thing I have to offer to this world in my lifetime. I also love to read about ranting and fellow ranters. Ah yes~ The best thing about ranting is that whether you make your point across or not, you feel better.

Now, getting that out of way, let me rant for a moment about this!

A boy, my age, slightly younger, decides to call me. Well, that's fine and all, but sometimes... You can call too much and you can talk too much as well. I usually love talking. Especially on the phone; I know few girls who don't. But this boy talks very, very quietly. Almost to the point of wanting to throw the phone across the room and yelling for him to talk louder. He's shy, I understand, but his tone is monotonous! With on top of his quietness, I can't understand, just a bunch of mumbling words smashed together to annoy me! I hate to sound so... ~insensitive, but honestly.

I've asked him to talk louder, that my volume will not go up anymore! He persists to be quiet. He has a wonderful sense of humor and personality, though. I suppose I could overlook, continue to be his friend, just keep him off the phone.


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velvey6 said...


Awe. Some people just do not like to speak up, I guess. Like, my brother is very shy around strangers, but he is loud and obnoxious around immediate family. xD