Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I be walking everyday! Uh-huh! YEAH! That's what I looked like when I was walking. It was humid yesterday and we couldn't catch our breath, but... IT WAS FUN! YEAH!

You're a sycophant.


velvey6 said...

You have a strange animal fetish.

If I dressed up like a cow or a sheep, would you start paying attention to me? D:

~ La Panda Spook said...

Yeah, I would. <3 Are you jealous of the animals? xDDD

I love you and your coveting. COVET I SAY! <3

velvey6 said...

No. I'm jealous of you. D:

~ La Panda Spook said...

Jealous of me? Because I love animals? GOAT? OH YAH. GET JEAROUS! DO IT.